“i find it hard to describe my anxiety. feels like my heart and my mind got a rivalry.”

5 years ago, i released a song about my personal struggles w anxiety and depression. at that time, i felt like i had explored every negative thought and emotion cycling through my brain. i felt so uniquely broken that i was afraid to admit it to my peers, but i needed an outlet.

i never imagined the song would resonate w so many people. since then, i’ve had countless conversations w fans, friends, and family members about their own mental health struggles. those discussions helped me realize i wasn’t broken beyond repair. they reminded me i have value in this world, and that i wasn’t alone. they taught me that mental health is a journey, and that it’s our responsibility to prioritize our mental health.

sometimes, at our lowest points, trying seems impossible. it seems like a pathetically shallow and simple solution. but trying comes in many forms. it can be as simple as putting your phone down, or picking it up to call someone. it can be cleaning your room, or doing your laundry. it can be going for a walk, or getting sun, or meditating, or journaling, or reading. it can be talking to a doctor, getting medication, or going to therapy.

try a combination of things, and be patient w yourself. we all have a unique puzzle to solve, and no one’s solution is the “correct” solution — we have to figure out the recipe that works best for us. it might feel like a herculean effort, but you will always be strong enough.

if you’re struggling, i hope this song reminds you that you’re not alone. hopefully, it can help encourage you to keep trying.


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